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4th-Jan-2010 08:03 pm - Books read in 2009
Kana Hoshino
I don't care if nobody bothers about this. I think it's interesting and I organize all those stuff in librarything so it's easy to keep track of it.
(sorted by author)

Will Adams - Das Gottesgrab
Jane Austen - Verstand und Gefuehl
Clive Barker - Buecher des Blutes 4 - 6
Frances H. Burnett - Der Kleine Lord
Augusten Burroughs - Teleshop
Roald Dahl - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Roald Dahl - Lammkeule und andere Geschichten
Warren Ellis - Gott schuetze Amerika
Michael Gerber - Barry Trotter und die schamlose Parodie
Dmitry Glukhovsky - Metro 2033
Kim Harrison - Blutspur
Diana Wynne Jones - Howls Moving Castle
Stephen King - Puls
Gaston Leroux - Phantom of the Opera
Katie MacAllister - Blinddate mit einem Vampir
Robert Merle - Die geschuetzten Maenner
Robert Merle - Der Tod ist mein Beruf
L.M. Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables
Martina Paura - Zwoelf Maenner hat das Jahr
Dave Pelzer - A Child called it
James Powlik - Tod aus der Tiefe
Terry Pratchett - The Color of Magic
Terry Pratchett - The Light Fantastic
Terry Pratchett - Equal Rites
Terry Pratchett - Mort
Darren Shan - Cirque du Freak
R.L. Stine - Gaensehaut 26 - Die unheimliche Puppe kehrt zurueck
J.R. Ward - Nachtjagd
J.R. Ward - Blutopfer
J.R. Ward - Ewige Liebe
J.R. Ward - Bruederkrieg
Lauren Weisberger - The Devil wears Prada

32 books at all. Not all were good, not all were bad. I didn't finish two of them as they were TOO bad.
Goal for 2010: 50 books
6th-Sep-2009 12:03 pm - Listen Up!
Kana Hoshino
Hi everyone!
Sorry that I don't write much in here, but I don't want to write everything three times so I just give a hint to add me at Facebook for small daily updates or look at my German Blog if you understand that language or want to see some pictures.

Everything is great here! I have a very nice host family and think that Kazumi and me really could become friends! Also I have a job now! I'm going to be a research assistant at the Nagoya University thanks to Mr Nagao~ And beside that I will give English and German lessons at the University to some of his students.
23rd-Mar-2009 06:38 pm - And I'm like weeee
Kana Hoshino
Oh dang, it just hit me like a baseball bat...
I got back into Lolita again!

After wearing it for Musiksalon some weeks ago and talking about Lolita fashion a lot last week I just got into it again, after a 5-month-long abstinence.

Now I really want to sew more stuff and have a new dress already planned for the second Musiksalon. Sailor and Polka-dots woho!!
And I think about ordering some new shoes at Anna House and getting some stuff from Bodyline.
(even it is stupid to buy too much stuff before I go to Japan in September...)
20th-Feb-2009 08:05 pm - Esse kein schimmliges Toastbrot!
Kana Hoshino
I'm in Frankfurt. Wohooo~
Me and Josi went to Frankfurt yesterday to visit a former school friend and to celebrate carnival. I've never been to a real carnival party so let's see how it will be!
I'll be Strawberry Shortcake in Angelic Pretty and still don't know what to do with my hair. Because I preferred to slepp I didn't curled it so it's not that Strawberry Shortcake like...

Today was the first day of the shopping spree and I spent 65 until now for: two pairs of shoes (both from Deichmann), a violet Bolero and a new Bra. I could have bought all these stuff at Berlin but I rarely go shopping for real in Berlin (just picking up some items from time to time)
7th-Feb-2009 06:39 pm - Stitching crazy!
Kana Hoshino
I just bought two HAED designs because they have Valentine Sale and I love these two designs very very much!

First is Fly Me To The Moon by Josephine Wall.

I really really love all the details on this really really great picture! Never would have thought that I'd like Fanatsy themed stuff but Josephine Wall is a great painter.
Size: 46 x 61 cm

Second is Sleeping Beauty by Scott Gustavson.

Scott Gustavson is great. Sleeping Beauty is great. What more to say? My big goal is to stitch every wonderful Sleeping Beauty desing I can find (I started Joan Elliotts design, bought this one and know that there's at least one other on HAED and one by Mirabilia) and hang them all over my bed.
Size: 46 x 58.5 cm

So the big question is: What should I stitch first?
I'm already working on a Sleeping Beauty so maybe the other one is better? Also it isn't so dark-colored on the upper left area where I normally start... But Sleeping Beauty is so beautiful.
Help Me!

Oh yeah, for everyone who didn't noticed: I actually bought stitching charts for the two pics.
31st-Jan-2009 07:33 pm - List of Books I read in 2009
Kana Hoshino
I saw a list like that in someone's LJ and think that it's a really good idea to keep track of how much rubbish I read ^.~

I have the bad habit of starting books and stop to read them around 30 pages before I finish them ^^" So maybe that's a method to make me finish all those books.

Books I read in 2009Collapse )
Well, nothing much yet but hopefully there will be more books in February (have.to.stop.playing.nds!)
13th-Jan-2009 12:24 pm - Twelve Million Full: Time Housewives
Kana Hoshino
Well, nothing much is happening except normal live which isn't that exiting if you are not envolved.

Saturday was the greatest birthday party until now (from Rina) and I was really really drunk (first time I puked because of alcohol... in Rinas hall on the floor <.<""") It's only the fault of the guys who already have girlfriends!

I'm still stitching a lot... too much depending of the fact that it's exam-time soon and my japanese isn't actually the best. But I think I slightly got better the last days. Have to study more vocabulary.
If I won't get the university place I'll enroll for JET-program and be an English teacher at some Japanese school or kindergarten.

Yesterday the first part of the "Somebunny to love"-Round Robin arrived and I started to stitch it immediately. Because some stitching mags from ebay arrived aswell I decided for another first motive I was going to do and now I'm making a spring-motive from Somebunny with some goose. The next motive will be a Somebunny with some balloon and on my one I'll stitch a christmas-motive.
Still have to go the choc-a-holic and the cupcake pictures for Mercedes and Melissa. But Somebunny has to go first because I have a deadline for that.
Also my new DMC threads probably arrived. I have to visit the post office today to see if it'S that parcel or some other one with a kit and some special threads (like satin threads and threads which smell like strawberries)
Anybody wants to see pictures? I always should copy my community entry to my journal...
5th-Jan-2009 08:29 pm - Berlin Graffitti-artist!
Kana Hoshino

He Rocks!
Kana Hoshino
Well, my weekend was fun!
Saturday was Claus' birthday and lots of interesting people were there! Everybody has so interesting jobs and I feel like the most boring person ever... But at occassions like these I miss Lucie!! (and Mercedes' sour-hot-soup is the best thing ever!)
Sunday was the christmas party of my working place and it was lots of fun~ In the end me and some other people (like Denise, Louise, Anke and Stephanie) left at last and went back together with the train. I was so lucky to get the Tram immediately after arriving at Greifswalder Straße. I had four Wiskey-Coke and just was a little bit tipsy, but Louise was pretty drunk after a Met and a Rum-Coke, so funny! I really like Louise as she's very funny and nice~

As for work (I bet Stephanie will find out about my journal one day as she's everywhere on the net xD) I prefer working with Stephanie the most. She is very nice and not very strict so I'm not afraid to make something wrong. Oliver is really nice too and still a little bit like a child even though he's the oldest of the floor-leaders (I don't mean his attitude but with his way of working with teddies, I think he really like his job). But I think it can get really uncomfortable when he's angry (like the most of people). I still don't know what to think about Anke. She's funny and "derb" (no english word...) but I'm always afraid to make mistakes as I always have the feeling that she will never forget about them.
Can't say anything about Birgit (the fourth floor leader) and Adam (the boss) as I haven't worked with Birgit yet and Adam is in Hamburg a lot because he leads a shop there too.
Of course I have other co-workers too, bear-builders like me, and everyone is very nice. It's normal that there are people you can't really talk to but that's allright.

Uni stresses me out. I have a report about erotic-manga on thursday and because the topic is so interesting I don't know what to say NOT.
Also I have to hand in my grade-report until friday so that I can take part in the japan-university-choosing. At the moment I feel more like working somewhere in japan or make an internship. Have to do the grad-thing today after returning from handicraft-circle because I want to hand it in tomorrow...

Anything else?? I'm looking forward to saturday because Rina will take me to a house-warming-party of one of her friends and I really need to get to know some guys...
Kana Hoshino
Have to go to work in 30 minutes. Hopefully it'll be busy today. It's so much fun, when it's busy!!

I finished the Lickle Ted kit (I'll post pics once I finished Strawberry Bunny) and will buy a red frame for it. Once it's framed I'll bring it to the christmas party of my work-place and if there is no gift-giving it will be my christmas present for my grand-cousin Phil.
Don't know who to give the card to. Maybe to my Secret Santa partner but on the other hand I'll stitch her something small (the letter H as her name is Helen)

I ordered 36 skeins of DMC for the christmas presents for Mercedes and Melissa. Hopefully I'll finish it in time as Melissas is kinda big (well bigger than the one for Mercedes xD) Because I only needed 22 skeins for that I got some other for some Robin tree ornaments (Robins sind Spatzen glaube ich) and two letters (H for Helen and B for Bianka as she loves pinguins and the B in my chart has a pinguin)
Also I got a new big piece of white 14ct Aida as you never can have enough 14ct Aida. I only have 11ct and 18ct white Aida and 16ct antique white one.

So now~ on the 10th december I'll have my first stitching jubilee (I started stitching in elementary school but last year I restarted it seriously) and I want to get a prsent for myself. I decided for a chart I normally wouldn't buy. I'll add pics and links later because I don't have much time left.
So the question is~ a Mirabilia chart, a Celtic Rose chart-pack or something from Heaven and Earth?
Mirabilia has really really lovely designs but I would have to buy Kreinik (which is blending filament floss) and lots of beads, which would get expensive. Also I can get cheap China-Mirabilia kits from ebay (which of course don't have a high quality)
At Celtic Rose you get one chart of your choice for free if you buy two. Great because I only would pay 10 Euro for three charts. But I don't know how the quality of their charts is. Are they as detailed as it's shown on the pics? (I should make an entry about that on the stitcher comm)
And well I said enough about HAED and how much I love their charts. I could start my BIG Tarot project or make a fairy tale design!!

I know that nobody will comment on this, because it's uninteresting for most of you, but who cares?
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